Focus on the BL Global fund range

Through its range of global funds (BL Global 30, BL Global 50 and BL Global 75) BLI provides its investors with access to funds with varying risk/return characteristics that meet their specific needs and are managed using a long-term and risk-conscious approach.

graphique Asset Allocation Range

The investment approach of these three funds is consistent with BLI's broad investment principles, namely

  • A long term investment horizon: Short term market timing is not a sustainable source of performance generation; a long term mindset focused on the fundamentals of the economy and companies is indispensable; li>Transparent investment strategies: If a potential investment cannot be understood, analysed or evaluated, it will not be considered;
  • An active, conviction based approach that relies on a clear commitment to rigorous fundamental analysis;
  • Constant focus on capital preservation: A disciplined approach focused on fundamentals and downside risk, which are crucial to generating strong risk adjusted returns over a full business cycle.


In a context of very low interest rates and platry bond yields, the manager is maintaining an equity weighting close to its neutral point for the 3 funds while the bond pocket remains relatively small. The asset allocation is complemented by investments in precious metals that retain an interest in an environment where the inflation risk has increased.



The approach implemented in the different portfolios aims to generate consistent long term performance with lower volatility.
The chart below shows the risk/return ratio of the three strategies over a 15 year period (*).


(*) performance data net of fees and volatility of the B share of each sub fund.
Peer group BL Global 30: Lipper Global Mixed Asset EUR Cons - Global
Peer group BL Global 50: Lipper Global Mixed Asset EUR Bal - Global
Peer group BL Global 75: Lipper Global Mixed Asset EUR Agg - Global
Peer Group Average: Average of the aforementioned Lipper peer group for each sub fund minus funds that are not registered for sale in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and United Kingdom.