BL Global Flexible EUR awarded

The mixed fund BL Global Flexible EUR has been awarded for the third consecutive year at the De Tijd & L'Echo Fund Awards 2021 in Belgium. The fund managed by Guy Wagner, managing director of BLI - Banque de Luxembourg Investments, was distinguished for the quality and consistency of its performance as well as for its risk management as "Best risk-free mixed fund".

Excerpt from L'Echo newspaper:
"The BL Global Flexible fund managed by Banque de Luxembourg Investments has won this award for the third consecutive year. Its manager Guy Wagner makes full use of the flexibility granted to him by the fund's management policy. At the beginning of 2020, just before the coronavirus crisis broke out, the fund held 30% in cash, for example, which enabled the manager to buy several quality stocks after the stock market crash. However, the manager avoids sectors such as banks, telecoms and commodity producers. The fund invests little in bonds. The three bonds in the portfolio are U.S. Treasuries and represent 4% of the total. The fund also holds a significant position in gold investments. Wagner views gold as a hedge against inflation and geopolitical tensions. Over the past five years, the fund has averaged a return of 5.9% per year. "

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